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Ladies, make your own Money! – Blessed Rita

January 9, 2021
Don’t be at the Mercy of your emotions. – Blessed Rita
January 18, 2021
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Ladies, make your own Money! – Blessed Rita

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Are you married or single, come, let us reason together he🤔

✍️God did not transfer your responsibility to your husbands! He said you should help him to do better. He that findeth a wife finds a good thing and shall obtain favour from the Lord. Proverbs 11: 22. You are an ADDITION and not SUBTRACTION in ALL ROUND, not one sided!

From the little experience that I have gathered about life generally and from the Bible, it’s is a great HONOUR for a woman to make her own money no matter how small even if your husband is the president of the world or you father is. Why?👇👇👇

✍️ It keeps you busy, not having time for gossip, men friend and boyfriend or anything that is not adding value to you! Some women go out with men mostly because they need money. Be your own Money Making Machine! MMM! Yes, you can if you wish to.

✍️It makes you to be valued by the world.

✍️It makes you to be respected

✍️You could easily afford basic things for yourself! Look good and smell good!

✍️It makes you a financial help meet too to your spouse and not only bed meet. Then man may not have all the time! Should the family go hungry as a result? Cover up for him!

✍️ It helps you to partake of what other women out there are doing? Do contribution! Save no matter how small! It will help!

✍️Your children will be proud of you because you would afford to meet their need in Dad’s absence.

You husband will be proud of you at the gate. Proverbs 31:10 to the end.

✍️ It makes you that woman would make other women want to step up their games!

Many of our singles will be like, if I marry e don finish nah! E go shock you! Sometimes, it doesn’t work that way. Most men spend larvishly on you to have you. Once they have you the music might CHANGE! my Love, are responsible for your life as an adult, married or single!!! Be your own money making Machine! Life is Sweeter that way! Don’t say I didn’t tell you o!

Like i posted few days ago, on this topic “HAVE YOU EMPOWERED YOUR WIFE” many women cry for both money and their husbands incase of eventuality! Get ready at all times! Nobody knows tommorow! Don’t enjoy being spoilt by your husband and not thinking of tommorow or the other side of life! No body prays for that but it happens and no body knows to whom is next! Be proactive!

Many will say my husband money is my own, fine, but can you go to his bank to withdraw his money? It’s anything he gives you that you take! Wise up!

My husband doesn’t want me to work is no longer and excuse! You can work from home. Ask me how👉#08062186594. Don’t be lazy! I know alot are on us but still we can do it! Nothing good comes easy!

LADIES, as I round up, I want to mention here that your money should not make you proud, rather it should humble you. Even if you are the bread winner! It’s a privilege! Still respect your spouse and the people around! Remember, pride goes before destruction!!!! Remember, God can humble you if you refuse to humble yourself and you might not like it! Obey the commandment of God and it shall continuoually be well with you in Jesus name!

Feel free to contribute or ask questions 👏🏻

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