Men everywhere with the vision to manifest Dimensions: Sir, it only takes those who has passed through the class of salvation to engage into Dimensions, because In the Institution of Dimensions, your concrete registration is the Certificate of Salvation, with high discipline of Holiness.

The reason is because God is Light and in the place of Dimensions, He is the spotlight of Glory. If you are not properly equipped by salvation, brokeness, and Discipline you could get burnt and because he loves you, He would First of all pieces you in the class of Salvation and its brokeness.

So, when you get to the spotlight, you won’t get burnt, cause He Loves you. Dimensions are not just realms of doing the impossible as in “Signs and Wonders”. That’s a child of God’s anthem. Dimensions isn’t the realm of speaking in tongues, nor is it the area of charismatic display.

In Dimensions, the Light would first of all scan you if you are qualified not as a Child but as a Son or Disciple. It’s a realm where the Father would speak Directly to you to carry out assignments deadly to others but healthy to you.

Oh! Now you see why you must be broken to pieces in salvation class ba? So You can be able to carry out assignments that are deadly to others but are healthy to you?

Moses could only return to pharaoh after seeing the light from a burning bush, a man like him could return to a place where he was guilty of murder, still, was not convicted. Or should I talk about Elijah, or Samuel who could look at a king in his eyes and impeached him from his throne.

So you see, if you haven’t change this your name by salvation, your alignment might not be enough for your Assignment. What are you called in the class of Salvation, I mean your secret Place?


This is a powerful and inspiring message! It’s talking about the importance of spiritual preparation and purification before entering into a deeper realm of spiritual dimensions. It’s emphasizing that it’s not just about being a child of God, but about being a son or disciple who has been broken and refined through the process of salvation and holiness.

Biblical examples like Moses, Elijah, and Samuel are used to illustrate how they were able to carry out assignments that were difficult or even deadly to others, but were healthy and empowering for them. And you’re asked a thought-provoking question about what name or identity we have in the “class of Salvation” – our secret place with God.

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