“ How do you define your Christianity? The moment you declare the Lordship of Christ over your life. It’s no longer about what you want and how you want it. It’s about yielding completely to him and letting his word precede your desires. But you can trust that his will for you is pure, perfect and good enough.”

“Quit trying to be in between. Be bold about your faith you profess in everything you do. In words, actions, lifestyles, and everything basically. Stop trying to be a Christian and a baddi. Ask yourself some important questions “If you have to explain to someone that you’re a born again Christian” then something is wrong somewhere.”

“How did that name “CHRISTIAN “ come about in Antioch? People saw the transformation in their lives. People saw the visible transformation in character, attitude, demeanor and that’s how they exclaimed “these ones look like Christ, they look like people who have been with him” …….if you are one of those living in such deceit, retrace your steps and ask yourself. “God sees the heart and that is what is important” they say another myth you use to pacify yourself and justify your mixed lifestyle.”

“If you have affirmed the Lordship of Christ over your life. Then you must yield to his biddings. Search the scripture and let it convict you into adjusting where it’s necessary. You can’t say Jesus is your Lord and Savior and you select what part of his word to obey and the one not to obey. No! That’s where Christianity gets even harder…. because to must first CONQUER your own will and desires.”

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Embracing True Christianity: Letting go of Deceit. - Winny Ezeme

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