By Imade Peace


But your heart is as hard as a rock. You pray for God to forgive you yet you hold people in your heart so well it’s like a hubby now. That’s really bad.

If there’s one thing I’ve come to learn, it’s that forgiveness brings peace, great peace to the soul. It eases the load you’ve been carrying in your heart and creates room for happy memories.

Forgiveness relieves your burden; the burden of being weighed down by pain and hurt.

I know you might have been very hurt by that persons act, but trust me the peace of mind that comes with forgiveness is Divine. Don’t allow that pain control you. Forgive that person for your peace of mind and sanity.

Mind you, forgiveness is not forgetting but remembering without pain or anger.

Remember, even in the bible, Jesus told us in Matthew 18:21-22 not to forgive seven times only but seventy times seven. So, please forgive that person that you may obtain peace.

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  1. Juliet Richard

    I can completely resonate with this!

    Sometime last year, I was so hurt that I literally cried upon remembrance. I had to pray to God to grant me the ability to forgive cause I couldn’t at all.
    Thank God I can look at those same persons that hurt me as smile without pain or anger.

    But then, I kept them at arms length and still keeping them.

  2. Imade Peace

    Exactly! Remembering without pain or anger. And it only God that can help us forgive.

    I’m glad you were able to let go, and is happy now.

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