Definition of friends

A friend is one who admires and not envy a person skill or progress and help them to make the right choice.

A true friend is someone who is willing to stand with you in time of needs.

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people.

A true friend is someone who defends you both in your presence and absence.

4 Friends to disassociate with before marriage

1. A friend without the fear of God:- This kind of friend can never help your spiritual growth instead they will transform you to their taste.

• Their advice is deadly and their teachings are poisonous.

• They don’t have respect for in-laws.

• Some of them are nice in quotes but their advice is carnal.

• They lack knowledge (proverbs 1vs7).

2. Contentious friend:- These are a group of people that always come up with fight and quarrel even when there is no need for such. (Proverbs 21vs9)

• They are dangerous, wicked, they don’t care about what happens to you be it in bad or good terms.

• They only seek evil, they are always jealous when good things happen to someone.

• They are full of pretence Attitude Nobody finds favour in their sight no matter how urgent the need is.

3. A judgmental friend:- They’re always judging you based on your actions not finding out the fault

• They are over critical.

• They show no respect for the person they criticize.

• They justify what they say because they believe it is the truth even when they are wrong.

• People can become judgmental due to their pride, hurt and anger and lack of love.

• Judgemental friends chase away favour.

4. Lazy friend:- They are time wasters, they can never help out when you need them, even when they visit you, you can’t benefit anything from them.

Choose your friends wisely, don’t let your friends choose you.

• Disassociate with them before you get married. Avoid them when you meet them in marriage. Love is by force, Relationship is by choice!

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