Dear sister, with the call into the ministry as a preacher, singer, drama minister etc you should humbly marry someone who has a call too and willing to fulfill it (The ministry matters). Make God’s Word your standard for choosing a marriage partner not Nollywood and Hollywood stars. The hand of God on your life means that you can no longer follow worldly standards.

Worldly standard will push you to make a shipwreck of your call. If you don’t have a call into the ministry as a Christian sister but you desire marital fulfillment and be delivered from the marital folly in the world today.

Marry the man that can train you for life and destiny. I mean it!I mean a man whose prayer life, love for God, desire for the Word and understanding is far ahead of yours which you’re comfortable being his student. I mean that’s willing to commit everything and invest time to ensure you grow.

The man that wants you to grow will never be a disappointment to you. Be very careful who you want to marry Take your time and have close intimacy with the holy spirit, If it is when you want to hear from God that you come to him, you might hear from your spirit or devil, know him. You don’t come to God only when you are in need build relationships with him that when you come to him, he respond to you Immediately must of your dreams are just mind dream (your mind magnates what you think so much and what you see).

Every dream that have no scriptural backing is not of the Lord, Most of you are just joking, see your relationship won’t work, but you are forcing your self to it because of pressure from family, friend’s age Etc. It’s better you marry late and have great marriage than marry early and have marriage from hell to hell. Take your time and build understanding build you Spiritual Life Build you Brain with books Build your self physically Build your speech(how you speak).

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