Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo did justice by answering this question. This is a big talking point in our world today, even among supposed Christians. For me God’s stand about these things seems clear enough-Our bodies are His temple and no illegal transaction should take place there (1 cor 6:19).

Someone will say but kissing is not sex, Well its pretty much part of the process.You see only animals can move from zero to intercourse, humans need foreplay which is part of the sexual act, or do you put your hands in your pocket while kissing? Usually your hands are “touching“.

Again kissing wasn’t designed to satisfy but to arouse, it’s a slippery slope once you start. We are the ones that counsel teenagers and young people that thought they could handle kissing but have now found themselves doing their 3rd abortion. Our sexual urge is so powerful that God’s advice us to flee… as in run in terror. As powerful as Satan is God said resist him, but for sex he said RUN, meaning this one will floor you (1 cor 6:18).But there’s nowhere in the bible it says explicitly “thou shalt not kiss”, yes same way no scripture says you can’t take cocaine or gamble, this teaching is not for a nominal Christian but for a believer that understands consecration (2 Tim 2:19). God’s standard is clear in scriptures, he doesn’t want us toying with any sexual activity except for marriage, not dating, not courtship but marriage.

Abstinence is not about intercourse alone, God even wants you to keep your mind clean, he said if you lust after a woman in your heart you are guilty of the act already (matt 5:28), so it’s if you are looking for what you can get away with you have already missed the mark. Is it easy…. HELL NO, but it’s possible.

God won’t ask you to do what you can’t do, first be sincere in your heart about pleasing him and then ask for His strength, then use your sense to set basic boundaries. I know there are many people who think they are wiser than God these days.

Please go ahead and please yourself, but if you are honest about honouring God, the word is quite clear about this.

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